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UAP | May 22, 2022

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Pichiu Dan Vifor

Pichiu Dan Vifor
Pichiu Dan Vifor
Adresa: B-dul Corvin nr.10, ap,20, Hunedoara – România
Tel: +40749.378.623

web: ,

23-Dimineaţă 2-70x50-axp- 2012

23 Morning 2 70×50 cm.

Prezentare Demers Artistic

The life and artistic career of the painter Dan Vifor Pichiu, who over time has experienced various styles and artistic techniques, is marked by the “Retrospective Exhibition 75/25”. The artist didn’t seek a certain defining style, but he continuously put into practice new expressive ways to define each stage of his career. A robust and original painting is densely materialised in a figurative and abstract style, sometimes conceptualist gestural.
The artist has a genuine force of reality transfiguration, introducing in the artistic discourse symbols with geometric and natural structures detached with imaginative mobility from the terrestrial-aquatic-celestial trinomial. The frequency of the interpretative variants of some favourite themes determines the successive approaches of distinct cycles.
From figurative inroads to the freedom offered by action painting, his paintings made in this fluid manner consist of a burst of chromatic surfaces, lit with vibrant colour accents. It is the artist’s personal interpretation, very contemporary throughout the European art.
The compositions highlight the colour refinement, dynamism of forms in space, ingenious chromatic closeness and vibrant pictorial surface.
Through the original character of the pictorial approach, this retrospective contributes itself to the thematic unity and demonstrates that painting must represent the painter, must express the creative force that gave it rise.

Prof. Dr. Jula Raluca Diana

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