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UAP | April 18, 2021

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Radu Cristian

Radu Cristian
Adresa: Str. Dorobanţilor, nr. 31, bl. A30, ap. 63, – Brăila – România
Tel: +40239.673.234

Delta - acryl-canvas - 70x70 cm.


Prezentare Demers Artistic

Cristian Radu work’s crowd within their bet various subjects and forms of reality that balance each other, both in terms of color and that of the place occupied on canvas, even if they are sometimes positioned unstable.

We bet on sight pictures, compositions with characters, mythology, in which the artist kept every message that is recognizable genre. The novelty bet on the personal space to organize and communicate visually through key elements, the same state.

The primary colors are occupiyng an important place: yellow, red, blue. When they are designed as a background or as a support, they ar sending expressive power to other elements, which orders, making them own laws environments. Sometimes they appear as representing light touches and creates openings which suspended various areas and opens outwards.

To understand the works of Cristian Radu means to perceive how that overlaps bet on colors and textures made various fields of materiality bet on the picture, creating the illusion of space and seeing tangible but bet on a color used while in town transposing a visual expression of a specific conditions. So you can see how to store bet on contemporary art of painting a fundamental law, which is to recreate reality, here this move while in town realizing that combines style graphics symbolist type.

Curator Claudia-Anca Moldovan

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