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UAP | August 11, 2022

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Romanescu Mircea Titus

Romanescu Mircea Titus
Romanescu Mircea Titus
Adresa: Piatra Neamț – România
Tel: +40

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Nat stat cu fructe si ciulini

Still life with fruit and thistles

Prezentare Demers Artistic

“Romanescu, even when he empties his page of breath, remains alert, an impulsive scholar. He exhausts the space of the support with an decorative virtuosity, with a kind of tendency towards the horror vacui (horror of vacuum), the exhausting symbolically, but also as ornamental plan. He eliminates completely the breaks and the space, giving to the image an absolute unity. Of course, there is a certain justification to approach him before all of Braque. But this one does not proliferate so richly the fundamental motives for the geometry, but keeps a certain miserliness accompanied with chromatic economy. Consequently, Valentin Ciuca’s sensible assertion, that is to say Romanescu revives the cubism in a personalized key, is completely valid. No matter seducing how much would be to claim a creator from the east of usual origin, I think that more precious is to register what is new and personal in his stylish approach. The imaging sentence of Romanescu is clear, devoid of subterfuges. No matter how repetitive is the approach of the geometrical motive, it is subjected to rhythmic rigorous one and clarify. The plastic deployment is always the one of an engineer – as we said it – by calling back his essential polytechnic formation. He is motivated by an almost tyrannical need to coordinate the structure of the picture, in particular when he feels seized with noble playful charm, with a kind of passionate moose, intelligently veiled. The reading is always clear, his strong personality allows him to invent a particular creative order. Volitional and selective, the artist behaves as a master Demiurge. He subjects to his own coordinating will the bivalent possibility (real – geometrical) and arrives at the wished purpose, by the conversion of the pictorial meanings, dominated by a passionate instinct. It is what makes him so original, even if he could intrigue the reactions of some pedants, by the surprise which he arouses. ”
Viorica Guy Marica, “The ARTEXPERT GALLERY Invitations” Tribuna N° 235, in June 16-30th, 2012, workshop, page 268

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