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UAP | October 5, 2022

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Stoia Octavian

Nistor Laurențiu
Octavian Stoia portret artist
Stoia Octavian
Adresa: București – România
e-mail: octavianstoia@gmail.com

web: ,

Octavian Stoia reproducere lucrare


Prezentare Demers Artistic

“Within the fiery heart of inner life, in the attempt to understand and communicate with the inalterable powers that hold dominion over the world resides the impetus that drives the quest and austerities of artistic nature that Octavian Stoia assumes in order to understand the mysteries of the world to the highest degree that man can aspire to and to interrogate and praise the enigmatic Creator in accordance with his capabilities. […]
Beyond any hedonism or whatever private or public game, against the servitude that the rigors of techniques, technology and even sheer craftsmanship might entail, Octavian Stoia is able to represent a doxology, a metaphor of the world’s beauty, an open space for the living spirit to ask questions of whatever nature. Without glimpsing pagan mysteries, monads, magic diagrams around, the representations of Octavian Stoia are
symbolic images, ‘ikons’ disseminated throughout the world in order to bring hope, light, good and redeeming and comforting joy. […]
Octavian Stoia puts himself in the position to glorify art with its constructive calling and quest for metaphysical, meta-contingent meanings. The artist is not indifferent as to whether his art serves life or the withering away of life.”
Oliv Mircea
21 mai 2001

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