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UAP | May 23, 2022

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Mănucă Maria

Maria Mănucă
Mănucă Maria
Adresa: Str. Toma Cozma nr. 71, Iași – România
Tel: +40742818577

Proiect de salvare a Venetiei (Venice rescue project)

Proiect de salvare a Venetiei (Venice rescue project)

Prezentare Demers Artistic

1. With a very good assumed technique and a precise understanding of the severe laws of pictorial construction, Maria Mănucă’s painting advocates, without ambiguity, an art of reflection – representative for artists who mulls over the creative act.
Dan Grigorescu – Bucharest
2. We can feel the honesty of the spontaneous emotions, see the „primitivism” of the colors kept in a fully blossoming register. The color paste is thick and it requires a blade, the canvas remains tough.
Maria Sorescu, 1995
3. A mysterious and inward poetry, and faith confessions in a painting without declamations and sound discolorations.
Radu Negru, Bucharest, 1992
4. The involvement in a group exhibition in the heart of Soho, where pictors from all over the world gather, reflects Maria Mănucă’s talent and originality.
George Rosiame, New York Meridian, 2000
5. A very powerful artist, Maria Mănucă conveys a enigmatical communication.
Paula Romanescu Medical Magazine, Bucharest, 2012
6. The world of sacred space and time is the world that Maria Mănucă’s painting gives us back, immaterial spaces but underlying in our sensitivity.
George Macarie
7. Maria Mănucă’s public image had grown up considerably. The grave language with organ sounds, the light and dark in mystic and profound dialogue, exciting for its idea and revelatory for its solutions can be seen in her art.
In Maria Mănucă’s universe the heavenly silence predominates. The fact that she is a citizen of the heaven isn’t a wish but a destiny.
Valentin Ciucă

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