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UAP | August 18, 2022

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Mircea-Hârjoi Livia

Mircea Dorothea
Mircea-Hârjoi Livia
Adresa: România
Tel: +40356.115.140, +40741.567.352


yellow row60x90cm

Prezentare Demers Artistic

Travelling is one of the most beautiful and complex theme of the cultural horizon. There exist travels in space and travels in time. There are imaginary travels, spiritual travels, interior travels, travels in dreams and dreamlike travels, travels in an other dimension, travels of the soul after death and shamanistic travels. However the most comfortable travel for us and the one which can charm us most is called reverie…
Dorothea Hirjoi entered such a realm. Her travels which she proposes to us in this exhibition, created a sort of journal in images. There are travels which have two overlapping senses, senses which are overlapping but in the same time different: the real travel ( the things she saw ) which belongs to memory and the imaginary travel ( the possible ) which belongs to desire. Their combination engenders the reverie – the beauty she has seen becomes one with the beauty she has dreamed about. As a peculiarity, the images she uses in her paintings are travels in a world full of nebulosities. The travel in itself, being a reverie is a nebula, I mean it is a state of mind, a way of feeling. It appears when the frame of things evaporates, when things become volatile, when the chromatic contents migrate, interfere, mingle. Then the travel should become presentation and it presents itself vaguely, it slightly becomes approximative image. The presentation underlines most of all the light of the soul.
The painting presented here is inspired by Paul Klee’s works of art. Here also it finds its own form. Paul Klee’s lesson remains valid first because he taught her to pass from rational to emotional, from thought to state of mind, from idea to sentiment, from mind to soul, from intellect to sentiment. This passage provokes the relativisation of the geometry of things, the relativisation of landscape, the relativisation of the things she saw opening the way to chromatic constellations….
Ioan Iovan

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