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UAP | July 1, 2022

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Selejean Felicia

Selejean Felicia
Adresa: Timișoara – România
Tel: +40



Prezentare Demers Artistic

Felicia Seleja is the type of sober and very modest artist, but the same time seriously lent
Purifying the visual language she worked with. A Suzana Fantanariu’s loyal friend
and a very good coleque, she reached , with too much discretion , a kind of indivi-
dualized mature experimentation. A benefic context, when it becomes motivated,
its shown off and its consistent including, as a new honor quest, in the second stage
of the opened project “Xiloengraving stylistic matrix II”, organized as an geo-gra-
phic assignment in May 2008.
Felicia Selejan is a special person who can be defined through a strange individualized
biography. In her case the modesty and kindness, even partial isolated , were
emphasized by a strong abnegation for art, lived with passion as a superior form of
existential motivation.
During her last period of time beside “classic”engraving , the artist tests ,selects and
persuades with a delicate intention and a clear distribution, personalized conceptual
formulas , able to develop unique inventive and in a way ascetic-minimilezed
qualities. Focusing on two directions, she suggests and explores tree-dimentional
ways of expression as relieves expressive generated , “finding again the deepness”
as she has told , turning to good account some of the linoprints, as objects built
from collage, triangular cuttings up of some engravings printed on the paper and
directed reorganized ,in good order or accidental, on a static pyramidal
three-dimentional structure , spatial well defined ,a conistent “collector” object,
valuable by the light differential carried on the pieces ,as parts of a possible whole,
by the suggestion of an epithelial magnetic and magical dynamic.

Timisoara ,February 2009

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