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UAP | July 5, 2022

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Vancea Delia Virginia

Vancea Delia Virginia
Adresa: Str. Ion Slavici, 1/37, Baia Mare – jud. Maramureş – România

JAZ - acril-pânză - acryl-canvas - 100 x 100 cm.

JAZ – acryl-canvas – 100 x 100 cm.

Prezentare Demers Artistic

After a BS in Enginieering, Delia Vancea obtained a BA in Art Pedagogy at the University of Fine Arts “Academy of Visual Arts, Ioan Andreescu” in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. This was followed by MA in Human Rights and another Ba in Painting at the North University of Baia Mare, Romania and a PhD in painting at the University of the West, Timişoara, Romania.
Affiliation and Exhibitions:
The artist is a member of the Romanian Union of Fine Artists and as such she is a vivid presence to many national and international exhibitions including the prestigios “Constantin Brâncuşi Gallery”, Parliament Pallace, Bucharest, Romania and a 2006 personal exibit “Encounters”, Baia Mare Romania. Her paintings are found in the Art Museums of Baia Mare and Târgu Mureş, Ro. as well as in several private collections in Romania, Hungary, USA, and Holand.
Artistic Profile:
Amongst well-defined artistic demeanors, contemporary brush miens, and a strong painting tradition of a school represented by eminent signatures, Delia Vancea’s approach is refreshingly novel. Despite subject and theme or even manner of painting, her abstract canvases, her flowers, and landscapes speak of a vision, subtle and elegant, but equally fierce and profound. The viewer, connoisseur or debutante, is intrigned by the inventive trajectory of brushes defining matter and time but in a style reminisce of a puzzle he is immediately tempted to solve, or that of a game of chess where opponent colours are challenging each other relentlessly.
Ultimately, the artist’s creation stands for a new brand of shape within colour, for what the art critic Enikö N. Botiş so rightfully calls an abolition of all “spacial and secular barriers”, and a vigurous “profile of a geography of the abstract”.

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