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UAP | July 5, 2022

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Hajnalka Siska-Szabó

Hajnalka Siska-Szabó
Adresa: Str. Grozescu nr. 2/4, Sc.A , Ap.6 – Arad – România
Tel: +40741.520.552

Vârtej - whirlpool - ulei-pânză - oil-canvas -  70 x 70 cm.

Whirlpool – oil-canvas – 70 x 70 cm.

Prezentare Demers Artistic

Hajnalka Siska-Szabó

She is an energetic and firm painter who is also capable of expressing feelings with a gentle lyric touch.
For her, nature and landscape are the trigger to form an instant emotional image of the surrounding world. Through water she expresses the infinite freedom, but this element incorporates the depth and the powers of whirl as well in her pictures. In this ambiguous representation human figures embody philosophical meaning. Her main characteristics are the dominant cold colours which are counterpoised by warm colours. These images are not the copy of reality any more but rather express the strong message of the painter.
She loves nature and she can convey the dramatic and the lyric side of a temporary image as well

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